AlterLandEscape: sculpture, video and multi-channel installation works by John Tronsor, May Wilson and Centa Schumacher that remap the height and depth of Aggregate Space Gallery’s physical landscape.

from the chapbook save the monsters (2015)

by Nico Peck

i seeped w/ weak indifference

sank below ground

a light

a lantern in a culvert

this land rots

in the heat

till finding day night

and sleep

through storms and earthquakes

i dreamt

the taste of copper

walked under

dry skies

and i

i, when calm and strong

listened to my sleep talk

my rest, low and close

i knew where to go

under high Polaris

clear charnel marked w/ prayer

tame, i sat – quenched & awake

and then my heart filled

then my hands worked at the rock

and the tree

nearby, a heron stood

still and grey,

tree and rock

at work

hands, my filled


stirred w/ thirst

sat wild

and unmarked

the rock &nd the tree

the tree and the rock


the oak and the rock

what is thrown


from my mouth

to save chimera

to save us monsters

the oak and the stone

the stone and the oak

who would be slain

by fear thrown

who would save the trans*

from their subduing
“toward thou I will bend my bow

and speak an oath” – after Pindar

when in the forest & having a dream

of a silvery dragon

emerging or somehow growing out of my torso

the dragon

of my habit, tempered

by old desires left to rot

some say “dragon” comes from the P.I.E. “derk-“

meaning “to see” or perhaps “clear seeing one”

others call dragons worms

but i have felt the heat

of being seen

the burning away of that which does not abet the traveler

an old longing forges rage, yes

“we know to sing reality, when we will”*

o death of death

*from Hesiod