Cristiana Kyung-Hye Baik, Hazel White & Kevin Killian

limen: Amy Rathbone presents an evolving exhibition of cumulative response with some works created directly on the walls, forming a series of individual dedications.

from the chapbook Polaroid (2015)

by Cristiana Kyung-Hye Baik

{ my agency may take me to the simplest of action }
It was a mild day in June, the heat extraordinary. My
attitude of making good to what was, is damaged. It was
of considerable importance, the way the light latticed
through screens, captured from the open sky. A beautiful
lace. As children, you harnessed words, arriving through
their venom, tension, fraught accumulation. Now who will
record this distance, capture this furthering gap’s shadow.
A ledge now burial-aisle. It has become an impossible
task. Wind sluices the window, against the rotted wood’s
slender support. Are you in duress, in this dance of inequity,
as goes the demand, to “get anything something off
your chest?” For you, apologies are aimed to neutralize
behaviors. Signaling in is light’s late flight softly imprinting
my shoulders. I lie in the grass, troubled by this occasion,
this constructional but delicate fault, a what will happen, a
gesture towards broken glass, the tilting of headlights that
fades at last into the emptied promenade, this demolished


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