Geraldine Kim, David Lau & Andrew Joron

Cringe: a video exhibition of self-reflexive performances, awkward personal narratives, and portrayals of the artist as an alter-ego rejecting social norms

From the chapbook: NO FACE, JUST BOOBS (February 2015)

by Geraldine Kim


Wish it were my clit instead

or just my melting fat

the mess-oh-potamia of it

the unreal red

in hair, eyelashes were looking

I laughed, giggled, whatever

my clit and brownie bits

do not use the term “abduction”

just “fake milk”

Dear Manual,

Listen, nothing ever happened.

She just seemed kind of busty looking.

HIM: When will you stop? (no face, just boobs)

HER: Fat fingers, fat palms.

The best angles: full frontal

the skin we all inhabit

just know how to use tongue

it’s a bow, a bow that’s already been

or, facing camera, you stop labor

(looking down a lot of shirts)

I see your face