RJ Ingram

from the chapbook TWO ANGELS (May 2014)

Angry Birds

[The soundtrack to this poem is a

Recording of The President reading

This poem remixed into an apology

You cant understand the poem until

You hear the poem’s soundtrack]

But the way the cormorant draws

The drops off of its back assures me

My death should come as violently

As humanly possible—I cannot swim

The way a cormorant can swim &

Forget flying—look at these stupid

Hands & the dumb thumbs that type

Love letters to strangers until they

Exhaust themselves it’s all a waste

“Poetry? But Can He Eat It?”

Everything I know I learned from TV

Sharks will eat me & ants will eat me

With enough time man will eat me

I’m sorry I never started growing up

When I learned I didnt have to

A man buys a house & fills it with

1000 things borrowed w/ his money

Exactly ten of those things are books

Try this: I buy a house & fill it with

1000 things borrowed w/ my money

To the dining room I pay the most care

I dont allow a chair around the table

I dont even allow a table & forget food

When you come in to dine just be


RJ Ingram, Nicole Trigg, Truong Tran

APRIL 11, 1954: THE MOST BORING DAY IN HISTORY, an exhibition celebrating inspiration in overlooked places.