Steffi Drewes

from the chapbook MAGNETIC FOREST (December 2013)

More Math In Trees

to arrive at a place where letters are leaves and roots become

arrows and each path pertains to the exact place we started from

no harm in holding up that antenna to match the constellations

every new listening takes you one step closer or farther from sleep

the child wound the red wire around and around her soft fingertip

until it pulsed bluish purple there, that’s how to measure the days

having sipped long and hard at history try and come up with a single

number that expresses the difference between any two memories

no more questions about weathervanes or where I came from

before I became an uncertain howl in the heating register

rendered unstuck by a song that stalks you note by ravishing night

mutates bright branching you too radio tower you too silver circuit

when we see other people sandtrapped or suddenly jackknifed

the urge to look hard or look away but what if I drew a diagram

remember the distance from safe to sorrow is 2 the distance

from fear to sun is 3 the distance from history to home is also 3

spied a perfect elk in the rearview mirror even with the earth

opening up you fixed on those antlers what wide-eyed anthems