for Peter

is too many?

our two

fogs to operate

heavy machinery got

stuck in

gears up there

under roof boat

tangerine spokes

bright cold

towel press

sounds back to some very young

old engineer

is distinct?

steam roller under or

over river of light

freed from bulbs

empty lamps waltz, nod, say sure

Eyelid kisser, above the left


will or won’t be there

when both are blind

(i wake up outside

my self and so

can hold space

roll old hurt in

to new)

Kelp belly, whose daughter knows

how to let go

hit the ground

climb again

Dear fugue state

clench the root muscle

make back to your happy

boy face on the inside

lamps in  factory swivel,


with quiet

pressure systems

real time poem 2.16.12

[what am I am doing, too collage, abstract, calling bodies in]

Co-morbid with

eco-locate, baroque &

rococo, her puff

pastry feet

Café Taza after spine specialist

fluid unobstructed

thin chicken breast

a la plancha

absurd detached happiness

in this beaded light

Miss Lucille Osprey,

is with Mosaic

Downs Syndrome, an undulating fractal blue

clutches a piece of pancake

precarios and upper cervix

her, my

co-morbid with


Baby waterbird has one new word, it is

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes”.